unMEAT Chicken Salad with Grapes in Pita Pockets

Serves 4

25 mins



1 canunMEAT Chicken Chunks, drained

½ cuphalved red seedless grapes

¼ cupdiced celery

½ cupcoarsely chopped walnuts

½ cupdiced cucumber

½ cupbottled Caesar salad dressing (vegan salad dressing, optional)

¼ cupGreek yogurt (vegan yogurt, optional)

1 tablespoonchopped basil

1 tablespoonchopped parsley

Sprinkle of salt and black pepper

6 to 8 oz.spring mix lettuce

3 pieces pita bread, cut in halves

How To

1.In a large bowl, combine and mix unMEAT Chicken Chunks with grapes, celery, almonds, cucumber.

2.For the dressing whisk together Caesar dressing, yogurt, basil and parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over salad and toss well to coat.

3.Open pita halves to make pockets. Fill it with chicken salad and some lettuce. Serve and enjoy! Serves 4.