Burger Curry Katsu Sandwich

Serves 2

45 mins


1 pouchUnmeat Burger Patty, thawed

½ cupflour

¼ cupvegan mayonnaise

2-3 tspvegetable stock or water

3 tbspcurry powder

½ cupJapanese breadcrumbs

¼ cupoil

2 pcsvegan hamburger buns like Marby

Cabbage Slaw

¼ pc shredded cabbage

¼ cup vegan mayonnaise

2 tsp roasted sesame seeds, crushed

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tsp salt

½ tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp sugar

How To:

1.Make the vegan egg dip by combining the vegan mayonnaise, vegetable stock (or water) and curry powder together, mix well. It should be a little runny to be able to coat well.

2.Make the cabbage slaw dressing by combining the vegan mayonnaise, roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, salt, ground black pepper and sugar together. Adjust seasonings as needed. Let this rest for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors blend.

3.Coat the thawed unMEAT Burger patties by first dipping the patty in flour. Dust off excess. Quickly dip the floured patty in the vegan mayo curry mixture, ensuring that all surfaces are coated. Then let the excess drip off. Lastly, coat the patty with the Japanese breadcrumb. Turn and ensure all surfaces are coated.

4.Heat oil in a hot pan. Pan fry the coated unMEAT patties until the crust turns golden brown. Drip dry.

5.Quickly toss the shredded cabbage into the roasted sesame dressing prepared earlier.

6.To assemble sandwich, toast the burger pans on a hot pan. Then coat the top with the remaining vegan mayo-curry mixture. Place about 2 – 3 tbsp of cabbage slaw on the bottom of the sandwich. Top with the crunchy curry unMEAT Burger patty.

7.Serve warm to ensure the crust stays crunchy.