Serves 1

15 mins



1tspolive oil

1pcunMEAT Burger Patty, fully thawed out

To tastesalt and pepper

1pcbun of your choice, split in the middle

2-3pcslettuce, washed

1pctomato slice

1-2pcsred & white onion rings

Optionalmayonnaise, mustard, ketchup & cheese slice/s

How To:

1.Heat olive oil in pan.

2.Put the burger patty in the hot pan and pan fry for 2-3 minutes per side. While patty is still hot, top the cheese slice to let it melt, while we prepare all other toppings. Set aside, covered with foil.

3.If fat remaining in the pan is excessive, drain it out. Put the slices burger buns, cut side down on the same hot pan. Toast for 2 minutes, or until buns have browned nicely.

4.Spread mayonnaise on one side, mustard and ketchup (if using) on the other side.

5.Put the cooked burger patty with melted cheese slice on the bottom side of the toasted bun. Carefully layer the vegetables that you would like to use on top. Sandwich the top half of the sandwich and pin down with a bamboo pick.

6.Serve warm with chips.