Serves 4

1 hr



1 pack, 200gunMEAT Sausage, thawed, unpeeled and skewered

½ cup cornmeal

½ cup + 4 tbsp all purpose flour

½ tspsalt

¼ tspbaking powder

1/8 tsp baking soda

1 tbsp sugar

¾ cup water or soy/almond milk

½ tbsp white vinegar

4 tbsp vegan mayonnaise

As needed oil, for deep frying

As needed all purpose flour for dusting

As needed dipping sauces, ketchup, vegan mayo, mustard

How To:

1.Heat oil in a deep pan.

2.While oil is heating, mix corndog batter by whisking together the cornmeal, all purpose flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, white vinegar and vegan mayonnaise. Whisk in water last and pour slowly to check consistency of batter. It should be on the thick side.

3.Carefully dredge the Unmeat Sausages skewered in bbq sticks with flour. Dust off the excess flour.

4.When ready, pour the batter into a tall glass for easier dipping of the sausage. Carefully dip the floured Unmeat Sausage in the batter until fully coated until the bottom of the sausage.

5.Quickly put in hot oil, ensuring it is submerged to evenly cook all sides of the corndog. If it does not evenly cook, the batter will have the tendency to slide off the middle, leaving you with a bald spot. Turn the sausage as you cook. Be careful not to overcrowd your pan too, if there are too many sausages cooking at once, the temperature will drop and give you a soggy corndog.

6.Drain excess oil.

7.Serve with dipping sauce.